About TEO

I started TEO a few years after my retirement and created my first web site (www.timeo.com) in 2000 to offer the creation of English-Japanese bilingual Web sites. Here below, you will find the humble history of TEO. Now, I should like to revitalize TEO by actively soliciting jobs from thoese looking for help.

  • Founded as a family computer consulting business in 1993, utilizing private network connections.
  • 1993~2000: Translated famous software products such as Oracle & Adobe as a sub-contractor.
  • Started TEO Web Globalization Business Site in 2000 to solicit Web localization business.
  • 2000~2006: Encouraged by many accesses, carried out a major upgrade adding bilingual community pages but captured no business.
  • 2000~2006: On the other hand, received torrents of translation requests from several translation companeis.
  • -continued- Original clients were mostly US middle-sized software or manufacuring companies. Too busy to seek my own.
  • -continued- Requested translations were for their web pages or user manuals and their contents IT-related or technical.
  • -continued- While translating, built SDL/Trados English/Japanese translation database, forever expanding.
  • 2006~2008: Translation orders got larger in size with lower fees and some contents were medical such as MRI machines.
  • 2008~2012: Tried to avoid big translation orders, veering towards small or editing jobs.
  • 2008~2012: Changed coding from Visual Basics to Visual C# and studied new client side technologies such as AJAX or jQuery.
  • 2012~2015: Forced into major upgrades, as the Web hosting services upgraded the versions of Visual Studio/SQL Database.
  • Now, constructing a new Web site to revitalize TEO by actively soliciting jobs from thoese looking for help.