About Owner

After graduating from International Christian University and a master class of Hosei University with MA degree, I joined Minolta Ltd. Japan. I worked for Minolta (Now Konica-Minolta) until 1993 and retired in New Jersey, USA where I served as the Executive Vice President of the US subsidiry Co. After retirement, I submerged myself in PC/Network technology and studied several different coding systems. Ever since then, I have been running a private business through the Internet.

  • At Minolta I worked in the Export department to sell cameras to the areas outside of USA and Europe.
  • As the Japanese camera market hit a slump, they sent me to Europe to establish a subsidiary in Hamburg in 1965.
  • At first I worked with local wholesalers of European countries, helping them to promote Minolta cameras.
  • Took over the broken German Wholesaler and started selling cameras direct to German photo stores.
  • Organized technical demonstration tours in German cities and succeded to brake the hard German Camera Ice.
  • After returning to Japan, promoted the cooperation project between Minolta and Leitz Germany.
  • As Minolta US-Subsidiary got into a trouble, they sent me to USA as Vice-President of a subsidiary.
  • Experienced a profit escape due to the sudden rise in the value of Yen, due to the infamous Plaza Agreement.
  • Transfered from Camera marketing to the control of subsidiaries and development of PC printers.
  • After retirement from Minolta, immsered in PC Network technology, communicated with many remote PC enthusiasts.
  • Beginning with Assembler, I studied many coding systems, such as C++, Basics, C#, Perl, SQL, XML JS, etc.
  • I use SDL/Trados, have translated software strings, hardware instruction manuals, medical documents mainly.
  • I use Visual Studio, have created several versions of timeo Web sites with SQL database, including this site.